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Physical Media Vs Streaming

As To Anything There Are Pros And Cons To Both Physical Media And Streaming.

Physical Media


Higher Resolution And Sound.

You Own Your Movies.

Has Resale Value.

You Can Watch Anytime.

You Can Share With Friends.

Don't Need Internet

More Titles To Pick From

Get To Interact With Movie Lovers At Physical Stores Like @MediaOutletMEM


Media Damage Like Scratches (Still can be repaired)

Need Space To Store



Easy Accessible.

Couch Potato Cerfified.


Content Changes Too Fast No Guarantee To Find What You Are Looking For.

Lower Quality Movies And Sound.

A lot of Content But Only 10% Worth Watching.

Your Data Is Collected To Later Sell You Stuff.

Too Many Different Services To Pick From.

Need Reliable Internet Connection.

Most Good Movies You Have To Pay To Rent. (Additional To Subscription Price)

At The End Of The Day, Both Are Good Options But If I Have A Choice I Will Pick Physical Over Streaming Any Day. If You Don't Care About Quality Then Streaming Is Your Way To Go. I Like The Fact That I Don't Have To Browse Endless Pages Of Movies Not Worth Watching And Settle For Something That I Regret Spending My Time. Let Me Know What Else I Missed.

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